Packers “borrowed” end around to Equanimeous St. Brown from Rams

Good coaches constantly look for play ideas from other teams. Packers coach Matt LaFleur found one that the Rams used, and LaFleur dialed it up on Sunday.

It happened in the third quarter, when the Packers trailed 23-10. On a play that began at the Minnesota 22, quarterback Aaron Rodgers faked a handoff. Receiver Equanimeous St. Brown, who was coming in motion from the right side of the formation, had the ball flipped to him by Rodgers. St. Brown gained 11 yards.

“We borrowed that play for an offense very similar to ours, and I just tried to mimic what I saw Matt Stafford do on the clip,” Rodgers said in his post-game press conference.

It happened on October 31, Rams at Texans. Stafford faked a handoff and flipped the ball to receiver Robert Woods, who took it 17 yards for a touchdown.

Rodgers said that he took a walk-through rep of the play during a week that saw him miss two days due to a toe problem.

In six days, the Packers host the Rams. It will be interesting to see whether the Rams use anything that they lifted from the Packers, or whether the Packers use anything that they lifted from the Rams. Or both.